Arizona Kestrel Team : Our first AMKE banding day

Kurt Licence with the AZ game and Fish Dept came up to the Prescott area and banded eleven nestlings for us on 6/9/17. What an exciting day for all those who got to be part of the event.

Kurt did an amazing job of working with and teaching us many details about the banding process and AMKE in general.

We have five eggs in one other nest box and are looking forward to another banding event with Kurt.

This is our first season with our nest box program and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome so far.


kurtlicence's picture

It's been wonderful working with Prescott Audubon Society on this project. You've got some magic up there in Prescott to have our only AMKE occupied boxes in the state! Keep up the good work!


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Posted in Arizona Kestrel Team by Prescott Audubon Society 10 months 2 weeks ago.