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Hello! Welcome to the 2017 KestrelCam season!

We're back with a great camera courtesy of Bosch, and a new streaming platform on Youtube. If you notice a problem with streaming, try refreshing the page and restarting the streams. If you have technical issues or any other kind of issue, please use the contact staff link to get assistance. Please feel free to report any spam or disrespect to AKP staff.

Remember to be respectful and courteous to other viewers, and enjoy the show!

Stay on the lookout for live chats this year, every Tuesday and Thursday at noon MST. I'll be chatting with everyone to answer any and all questions.

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Jill from MN's picture

Will Junior also be banded?

He is a beautiful bird.  I see a few pinfeathers and less baby fuzz on him as he dozes off this morning.

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I have done more Junior watching, and wondered how he manages without any siblings to 'egg' him on (so, sorry, awful pun).  I needn't have worried about that, because he chows down on mice?voles? quite properly for his age and is flapping his wings.  Still being fed by his mama, and very assertive, too!  He tugged on her tail!

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Jill you were acurate in saying Junior is a male. He will not be banded. We are looking into banding for next years brood.

June 17/2017 Junior had his first look out the door and watching him look at the new world outside was entertaing.

We will be plucking feathers today June 18/2017 as for a time we don't know as the weather is unpredictable at the moment.

Thank you for your intrest and watching our stream.

Nu-Sun Cinema

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I feel sorry for him all alone in the box no one to cuddle with.  :)

He looks very healthy.

Maybe next year try to make a comments page?

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Hi All, We had a very successful feather plucking on June 18/17 which was done in morning hours. Our nestling male was very cooperative. Later on that evening we had noticed he was not in the nest box. Not knowing what had happened (did he fall out??) we went and searched for him. We found him about 100 feet away from the nest box. Thinking he had fallen (due to his age, 23 days old.) We returned him back to the nest box. Now we watched what he would do. At about 8:30 CDT he had a mouse meal from mom and then wings open sailed to the ground below . Now seeing he fledged on his own we did not interfere again. We wish him well on his life's journey.  Thanks, Nu-Sun Cinema

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Congratulations on the fledging :)

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A question here for deborah:

So far I have seen real successes with the nesting box here. If I am not mistaken I can onky remember two cases when one chick did not make it, which means that every year average 5 juvs fledged. The box has pretty ideal co9nditions as  a nesting p0lace I wonder how is the success rate under " normal" , thus less ideal conditions?

Delorahilleary's picture

It is quite typical for the norm to be 4-5 fledglings for American Kestrels, which is quite a bit higher than other falcons in terms of clutch size. In less than ideal conditions, the adults would exclude the youngest nestling in feedings, focusing their attention on the larger ones, which is why one nestling may die when there isn't enough food for all five. While I have not observed it in my nest boxes, I imagine that is a trend that could continue - if conditions are unfavorable, perhaps selective exclusion would continue beyond one.

Other things can occur as well, such as adult abandonment or takeover by another species. However, these things can happen in any nest box - it's hard to say what causes these things.

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Thanks. I actually observed one chick being starved ( the youngest one indeed) in the box here a few years ago.

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looks like the kestrels family is spreading farther away and not coming that often back to the box.


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Awwwww Another year of Kestrel Cams has ended! See you all next year!

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Yay! The Kestrel cams are live 2018!!!

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Is there a new 2018 place to post?

Maybe 1 egg this am?

TerriFla's picture

Nope no egg yet.

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SNowing this morning. 6:56 Eastern time

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No one in the box right now. 3:06 PM eastern

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2018 Male in the box 6:49 AM Eastern time

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I wonder if having the beginnings of a wasp nest in the box is what you want?  I'm all for natural, untampered-with developments, but wouldn't that be off-putting for a late-comer kestrel couple?  


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