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Welcome to the American Kestrel Partnership website.

We will be providing several reference links and other information to help you get started in this new system. As they are ready, links will be added to this page.

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Getting started

To start, we recommend you subscribe to the American Kestrel Partnership group, and also the General Discussion group.  We will publish announcements and other Partnership items in the AKP group. We invite general conversations about the project, and any other topic about kestrels, in the General Discussion group. Other topic-specific groups will be added as need arises.

Please also read the New Website Launch Notes and Adjustments page.

Please note: The American Kestrel Partnership group is reserved for announcements and other content posted by staff at The Peregrine Fund. Please subscribe to it so you can easily keep up to date with news and events.

User Support

If you are having trouble resetting your password, please read this article: How to reset your password.

If you need assistance with the site, please create a post in the Website Assistance group. Please note you must first subscribe to a group before you can post to it. The subscribe button is found in the right column of each group, below the list of current members. It looks like this:

If you are unable to create a post requesting help, please email


Wayland's picture

Where do I register my new kestrel box?

Delorahilleary's picture

Hi Wayland! Welcome!

You can register your nest box by going to the "Research" tab at the top, in the black bar. Click that, then click "Nests." You can create a new nest profile there.

If it is not showing up at that moment, please try again later. We are doing some database maintenance between Feb 13th and Feb 17th that may cause intermittant availability. Thank you for your patience and ask questions anytime!


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