: Partnership Documents

This is a repository of documents provided by the American Kestrel Partnership.

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Group articles

Pole-mounted camera design for checking nest boxes. Design by Megan Shave (Michigan State University)

Thanks to our KestrelCam viewers, we have the largest dataset available for a single American Kestrel nest box. With more than 23,500 observations recorded from 2012 to 2016, the numbers are in. 

Lots of folks have asked for flyers or handouts that you can distribute when you tell others about the American Kestrel Partnership.

Click the attached PDF file below for a complete Group Leader guide. You will learn how to create a group, add members, remove members, assign roles, and assign nest boxes to your team members! 

Click the file below for the American Kestrel Partnership's guide to American Kestrel biology and monitoring! It contains everything any partner would need to get started in monitoring a kestrel nest box to help with the AKP's research.

Plans, materials list and instructions for building an American Kestrel nest box. You can also check out an alternate plan by Art Gingert under Partnership Documents. Either is perfectly acceptable for making your American Kestrel nest box.

Here's the Partnership Intro!