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Our Kestrels are back check out our info page Kestrel Korner enjoy.

Can sand be used as bedding material?

Hello I'm looking to see if anyone near Maryland is using Bal Chatris traps to catch kestrels in the winter.  I have my banding permit  and have been banding nestlings but need to work with someone to get approved for using traps as well. 

Is there a list of qualified banders in the Portland, OR area? Is there interest in banding offspring for research purposes? I had reached out to the local Audubon Society, but never heard back.

Many folks have been curious about what happened in past years of the KestrelCams. I have all of the past updates saved starting in 2012 - so I figured it would be fun to post them here! Have a read, and enjoy!

We put up several kestrel boxes in 2014. One has been occupied by kestrels 2 years in a row and I see that the male is around now (Ohio).

During cleanout In Jan, I found straw nests in 4 boxes - 3 kestrel boxes and one barn-owl box.

Here is some video of an American Kestrel in flight that I was lucky enough to record back in 2014.  The video is in slow-motion, without audio.  (Apologies for less-than-perfect editing . . .)  Enjoy!

We are planning website maintenence next week (Feb 13-17, 2017) which will temporarily affect the ability for partners to input data.

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