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[Archive post from the old site - Original author: Matt Giovanni]

Hi There, 

Help! My nest box is getting many ants! Is this normal or dangerous for the chicks (8 & 9 days old now). My video from overnight indicates they appeared sometime in the later afternoon yesterday and were in the box and very active since then.

Several years ago I put a nest box in my yard, and never had any occupants until the last few days.

In January I noticed some Kestrel activity around my nest box so I decided to take it down and change out the wood shavings.  While taking it down an egg dropped out and broke.  Not knowing what to do we changed out the nest material and put

Hi there!  Recognize the cool American Kestrel Partnership shirt from last year?

On May 26/2017 approximatly 11:30am our first egg hatched. Link to our stream

Hi experts,