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Hi there!  Recognize the cool American Kestrel Partnership shirt from last year?

On May 26/2017 approximatly 11:30am our first egg hatched. Link to our stream

Hi experts,

I am helping a group that bands kestrels (adults when they can be caught and young before they fledge) in nest boxes.  I've heard that adults removed for banding when there are only 1-2 eggs may abandon the box, but when there are 4 or more eggs they a

4th egg has been laid around 3:07pm. link for live stream.

Thank you, Nu-Sun Cinmea

On April 22/2017 3rd egg laid.  click link  

Thank you, Nu-Sun Cinema

Hi, Kestrel experts! 

On April 18/2017 at about 8:45am CST. our first egg was laid. Click link to view our HD live stream.

Thank you, Nu-Sun Cinema

Our female Kestrel has been sighted at our H.M.K.T. box. Link to