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On April 26/2018 between 11:30am and 12:00 noon first egg was laid. LIVE STREAM will start On May 1/2018 link to our LIVE STREAM         Thank you have a great day,  Nu-Sun Cinema

Earlier this week we went out to band 3 nestlings in a box.  When we looked inside, the box was thick with some kind of flying insect, a little gnat of some kind I think.

I put up a kestrel box in March 2017 but had no visitors all last year.  The box is in the least used quadrant next to the house on the SE side overlooking the 17th hole of a golf course.

There has been a Kestrel pair in the territory around two nest boxes. The pair have been checking out both nest-boxes, perching around them, and going inside the boxes.

This is year two for the Kestrel nest boxes I have built and there was no nestbox use the first year. In the past two weeks there has been a Kestrel pair that have claimed the territory containing two nest boxes.

No kestrels spotted. some snow this morning, then some rain.

No eggs.

Is there a dedicated 2018 posting group for this year?

It is VERY helpful to see the temperature and the windspeed on the Kestrel Cams even if I don't see any kestrels inside or outside at the moment.  It's about that cold here in Minnesota, by the way.

Happy Kestrel-ing to come!  J.

Hi All, The female Kestrel was spotted on March 26/2018 8:00am

Link to for more info.

Hi All, Our Male Kestrel has been spotted near our 2 nest boxes @ 7:07pm March 23/2018.

I have a question about the possibility of American Kestrels marking their chosen nest boxes with white wash to claim possession.