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Group articles

This link was originally provided by Matt Giovanni in May, 2013:

On the slide show of large images that slides across the top of the AKP page, most images have the top cut off by the dropdown menu at the top.  This is most evident on the perched kestrel's head, and the map.  Would the images look better if lowered t

From Megan Ralph - primary data entry grunt for these boxes

A few items I noted while testing and a suggestion or two

At the far right bottom corner is a link to software credits, which when I click just gives me the bottom banner.

Today I renamed a nest but I don't think the site recognized the change - at least it doesn't look like it.  I will send an image in email because my Mac Grab ap saves images as .tiff but AKP won't accept.tiff.  Also, when I try and drag the pin I get

Nothing happens when I click on the quick reference links at the bottom of the page.

I just created a cliff nest in a pond, with height and cavity diameter both equal to "10."  Not sure who screens for impossible combinations or likely errors.

Otherwise I love the app.

The diagram is brilliant.