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The male chick had a less than graceful entry into the outside world. He leaned out. One wing out, another wing out & then whoops! Out he went.

Our kestrel parents are staying really busy, keeping their five chicks fed. We see a variety of things being brought in, mostly birds, though we did see Pa kestrel bring in a snake.

Just checked on our 3 chicks. They are almost fully feathered at 24 days of age. Sadly my last look to avoid frightening them into fledging too soon. There are 2 females & a male. Both adults were screaming their displeasure at my intrusion.

I was just watching the mom trying to feed the chicks.  They were grabbing the food from her and fighting over it:  Tug of war big time.  She had to grab it back in order to tear off small enough pieces that they could swallow.

Have you guys seen this video yet?  It's a fun watch!  We're still surprised that the starling managed to escape in the end.

Check out the video here!

June 5/2014 all of our 5 eggs have hatched. Ma & Pa Kestrels are now working hard to feed the chicks. We now have our Kest 2 nest box live cam running. The live cam is not great but better than nothing.