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Hi , I am trying to organize a group(s) to collect data here in Indiana. I was wondering if the data requirements were restricted to just nest boxes.

Hi! Is anyone on her from Northern Maryland? I have been looking for some good places to see some kestrels and hopefully even some young ones! Thnaks


Last year we found 10 American Kestrel eggs in one of our nest boxes in Northern Colorado. We presumed that this was a "dump nest" used by 2 females.

Hi all, As of June 29/2018 all 5 nestlings have fledged. (3 males & 2 females.)

Thanks for watching our HD LIVE STREAM. Nu-Sun Cinema

Hello! Welcome to the 2018 KestrelCam season!

Hi all, We have 3 male & 2 female Kestrtel nestlings and they are soon to fledge.

Hi all,


The area my nest boxes are in has no trees, utility poles, or other existing objects to mount on. Also, the ground is very rocky which makes digging a hole to install a post difficult.

Have a last look at our HD LIVE STREAM link to

I'm new to this but I put up a box a couple years ago.