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All alone again. Just the male.

6:32 AM EST

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The AC unit going on and off on the roof doesn't seem to bother them and that's a lot closer than the road!

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Poor little guy all alone again. 7:14 EST

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The traffic hasn't seemed to bother the kestrels too much, but there are some nest boxes near the detour road, so hopefully the finding from those boxes will give us some answers as to your question! There have been papers published that notes that kestrels are usually highly tolerant towards disturbances. You can check out the article for more information by going to Research > Additional Kestrel Research. It is titled, "Effects of Researcher-Induced Disturbance on American Kestrels Breeding in Nest Boxes in Northwestern New Jersey."


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Looks like snow and the male is asleep. Eastern Time 7:05 AM

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Thank you for making this group!

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I have been watching our little male at dusk and notice the traffic on the other screen.   Do you think the detours to and from the World Center for Birds of Prey will affect the lives of our Kestrels this year?

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A male kestrel has been sleeping in the box each night.