Partnership Documents : *NEW* American Kestrel Nest Box Blueprint and Instructions

Hello everyone!

While our old instructions were quite functional, we decided to get some updated blueprints that are nicer. All links are now re-directing to these.

Click the link below to download or view them. Feel free to email us if you require a different format!

-Delora Hilleary


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what about placing a digital wireless camera eye in the nest box? If that works, for kestrels, what are the best practices for placement (in the box) and anything else that works?

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oops, I just saw the listing on the side about cameras, sorry :.(

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No worries, feel free to ask questions anytime!

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Hello Nas ko pun is an NGO land in Cintalapa, Chiapas, near the area of migration of raptors and rescue and rehabilitation is done, we are interested in supporting the extent of our possibilities in laying nests, if it considers that we can support on site with something else, please tell us

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