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Hello all,

Well, beloved spouse Randy and I have mounted 2 nest boxes which Randy made in his work shop using the Art Gingert design. The boxes are beautiful, bulky and weigh between 12 and 15 pounds.

We were able to mount 1 box in an hour or so, and the other (the first one) took well over 6 hours. In both cases, we were mounting on trees.

I would love to learn how others are handling the mounting process. Our ladder has a 14 foot reach, and can be tricky to stabilize when placed against a tree. What tips and tricks have you used for mounting your nest boxes?

Thanks in advance.




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If you google Tom Sayer Kestrel box and click on the google video tab you will see a video for a retractable mounting system.  Tom uses this on over 70 boxes in CT.  I started working with Tom this year and found the system to work well (the components cost a bit, about $30) . I had 5 boxes this year which produced 2 mating  pairs.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Jim Smith


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Thanks, Jim, for pointing me to the video -- poles do seem to be more predictable than trees for install. How much time does it normally take you to place the two by four?

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Hello Ella

We at Prescott Audubon Society in Prescott AZ also use poles which we feel are safer for installers and the birds.

We install a short steel pipe in the ground then slide a larger and longer aluminum pole over that with the box attached. The aluminum pole is too slipery for preditors to climb and there's no danger of the pole growing and damaging the box as there is with a tree. All of our boxes are just over eight feet off the ground so high climbs are not necessary and that height seems OK with the kestrels.

Box cleaning and maintanance is done by sliding the main pole off the ground post and lowering.

Initial installation usually takes about a half hour.

Best of luck with your project and keep us posted with any questions or results.


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