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LIVE STREAM. We are now streaming live our American Kestrel nest box. For those who are interested here is the link.

Both cameras (especiallytheexterior one) seem quite out of focus for the past 2 days. Thanks.

Hi, what have people found to be effective means of getting the box down from a pole without disturbing the eggs or chicks too much and without requiring a lot of effort?  I'm starting a high school biology group on this effort and we need a relatively

We have a pair of kestrels nesting in our box, which has a webcam inside of it streaming video / pictures to our server. Everything seemed to be going great (this is our first nesting attempt) but now I'm wondering if something has gone wrong.

Message from partner: Javier Salgado Ortiz, Ph.D. Laboratorio de Ornitologia Facultad de Biologia 


I am an Ornithologist from Universidad Michoacana in Central West Mexico. I have been conducting a study on winter ecology of Kestrels in agricultural landscapes of the state of Michoacan.

Hello - I am new to this group. I volunteer at a raptor rehab facility near Cincinnati Oh. We have  two kestrel boxes on our property. We are hoping to get more boxes placed in our area.

I installed a Kestrel box in our back yard about 3 weeks ago.  We had a Male Kestrel visit it the first day.  We've had on and off visits until last Monday, 27 Mar 2016.  That day I put a camera in the bo and actally captured footage of a Male Kestel i

Would anyone like to say when the cams will be live?  I live in Wisconsin and my kessies are about two weeks behind the cams kestrels. Our kestrels layed their fist egg on April 7th last year and April 11th in 2014.