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This is the main community for the American Kestrel Partnership. Feel free to discuss anything about kestrels, nestboxes or the Partnership here.

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Hello, I installed a kestrel nest box 2 years ago at a county park, no luck yet.  I have a second one, and would like some advice / guidance choosing the best location for it, and the best placement in that location.

Miss the fledgings of the 2015 kestrel nestlings? Never fear! We got them all on camera, and the video is now viewable here!

(East-Central Ohio).  I put up ~ 12 next boxes around our farm in late-February.  One - on a barn near the house - was occupied (others maybe, I don't go out back every day).

Hello, everyone.

I'm a woodworker who has taken an interest in building nest boxes. I have had the opportunity to build several boxes for a local wildlife rehabber.

I have recently built and mounted a Kestrel box and the back of my shop. I live in western Wisconsin near farms. (Both dairy and corn/bean farms) living near these places has attracted European starlings.

Good morning everyone!  This topic has been created for you to discuss events you see on the Bosch KestrelCams.

sniffle - just when I start thinking the kestrels won't be seen anymore this year, think I saw one fly by!

Just wanted to say thank you for providing a window into the world of these 7 Kestrels! I'm still enjoying them as they continue to learn about life outside the box. Once again it's been a pleasure!!!