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This is the main community for the American Kestrel Partnership. Feel free to discuss anything about kestrels, nestboxes or the Partnership here.

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We live on a five-acre property and we have at least one kestrel that likes to hang around even in mid-winter, which has made us interested in putting up a nesting box.

I'm curious what reasoning is behind not treating the outside of the box. Thanks!

Help! I want to add some nests to my list and can't get this screen to display correctly. This is what shows on my screen when I go to Research - Nests:


I put up several Kestrel nest boxes in March (rural Ohio).  One - on a barn ~100 yds behind the house - has a nesting pair.  Two questions:

We have a 5 acre place in the country near San Antonio.  Our site is mostly covered by natural brush: mesquite, juniper, hackberry, live oak.

I want to install two nestboxes on my University Campus.  The Grounds Department does not want me to nail the nestboxes to the trees.  Do you have any suggestions for how I attach a nestbox to a tree.  I do not believe they will let me install a pole e

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