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Hello Everyone! 

Hello, this is a general query to the nestbox discussion group.

I have established a nest box - the opening currently is facing south east in a wind valley that runs north - south  Is there a better orientation?

Recently there has been a Cooper's hawk hunting around our yard. We have seen him twice now. I have read of Cooper's hawks taking American Kestrels. Should I be worried of putting up a nest box this season? Thanks for your comments.





I didn't get my box cleaned out from last year and I'm already seeing a male and female in my box.  Is it too late to clean it out?



Where do I find the ageing chart on the website? When entering data on my observations I can't get the ageing chart to come up.

We live on a five-acre property and we have at least one kestrel that likes to hang around even in mid-winter, which has made us interested in putting up a nesting box.

I'm curious what reasoning is behind not treating the outside of the box. Thanks!