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This is the main community for the American Kestrel Partnership. Feel free to discuss anything about kestrels, nestboxes or the Partnership here.

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Link to watch,

On June 11/2016 our 1st of 5 American Kestrel Falcon egg has hatched.

Enjoy Nu-Sun Cinema.

Awww. The cameras are all gone. 

Need a Kestrel fix ??  Link to our live stream

Have a great day, Nu-Sun Cinema


Hi All! We want to share a few photos of the fledglings (and other bonus critters) in the vicinity of the nest box on fledge day. Thanks so much to everyone for tuning, reporting your observations, and engaging in discussion - what a ride!

I live in Somerset county Pa. I foung a kestrel on the highway with a broken wing. I took it to the wildlife center and then it was transfered to the Central wildlife center in State College pa. I was so sad I did not have my phone for a picture!

Photos of our nest boxes. For more information go to     Thank you,  Nu-Sun Cinema.

LIVE STREAM. We are now streaming live our American Kestrel nest box. For those who are interested here is the link.

Both cameras (especiallytheexterior one) seem quite out of focus for the past 2 days. Thanks.

Hi, what have people found to be effective means of getting the box down from a pole without disturbing the eggs or chicks too much and without requiring a lot of effort?  I'm starting a high school biology group on this effort and we need a relatively