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This is the main community for the American Kestrel Partnership. Feel free to discuss anything about kestrels, nestboxes or the Partnership here.

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Here is some video of an American Kestrel in flight that I was lucky enough to record back in 2014.  The video is in slow-motion, without audio.  (Apologies for less-than-perfect editing . . .)  Enjoy!

We are planning website maintenence next week (Feb 13-17, 2017) which will temporarily affect the ability for partners to input data.

Hello Everyone,

What a great weekend of information sharing, meeting folks and learning new stuff about kestrel box monitoring. Thanks again to Chris and Sarah. 

Hi All,  We would like to annouce a page dedicated to the American Kestrel.

Click link to view,  http://www.nu-sun.com/html/kestrel_korner.html

Our stats are in to the American Kestrel Partnership and link to  http://www.nu-sun.com/html/2016_report.html for our 2016 highlight video. Thanks to all that watched.