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I have had approximately 50% occupancy in my kestrel houses until this year.  It seems like it is down by quite a bit.  I have over 2600 houses installed in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Ben Dover

Have 2 hatchlings today, I think. Still 3 eggs to go. Will be hard not to look every day now!

Other 2 boxes are empty. 

Here are step by step instructions on how to reset your password for the Partner Network and AKP data apps.

This link was originally provided by Matt Giovanni in May, 2013:

On the slide show of large images that slides across the top of the AKP page, most images have the top cut off by the dropdown menu at the top.  This is most evident on the perched kestrel's head, and the map.  Would the images look better if lowered t

From Megan Ralph - primary data entry grunt for these boxes

A few items I noted while testing and a suggestion or two